Electrician SEO Services to Acquire New Customers [Local SEO]

Here’s how to rank your electrician business on the first page.

You’ll find simple and fast SEO tips.

No web developer or SEO company needed.

Learn which of your competitors are doing it right and how.

And which electrician SEO companies are the best.

Here’s how to acquire new clients using search engine optimization:

  1. Local SEO tips for electricians
  2. Which electricians rank on the first page?
  3. Why are they ranking?
  4. What’s important to rank?
  5. How long does it take?
  6. List of SEO words for electricians
  7. Best electrician SEO companies

Compare Electrician SEO Companies

Best Companies Using Electrician SEO Services

Here’s who ranks on the first page using the best electrician SEO strategies.


mistersparky.com Mister Sparky dominates local SEO for electricians. They have a landing page with long form content for all their service areas, specific to every location. Easy to find phone number, contact form and booking button. They post their reviews and have lots of blog articles.


wiremasterselectric.com has the a great user experience. Easy to find phone number and a contact form above the fold. There is lots of social proof, reviews, links to accredited associations, clean website design and a great mobile friendly website. Definitely done by a good content marketing company.


kleeselectric.com has done some keyword research! Great use of long-tail keywords and local SEO keywords for electricians! The site is very mobile friendly and is easy to read. There is a link to BBB, an easy to find phone number, address right on top of the website, hours and links to social media. There are many landing pages that interlinked. This was done by an experienced electrician SEO company.


ueselectrician.com uses a short URL, has excellent on-page SEO and follows all the SEO strategies for electricians. There are links to Houzz, Yelp and other associations they’re part of. Landing pages use contact forms above the fold. Easy to find and clickable phone number.


stselectric.com uses a short URL, is very mobile friendly and uses long form content for every service they provide in Chicago. There are lots of articles for all the service areas and pages for every type of electrical work. There are links to social media channels, easy to find Google reviews and easy to find phone number. Definitely done by a high-quality digital marketing agency for electricians.


miamielectricmasters.com use many keyword modifiers. They take search terms with high search volume and combine them with their service area locations to create landing pages. Easy to find phone number, social proof using reviews and an above the fold contact form.


miamielectricwizards.com focuses heavy on 1 location, Miami. License number is everywhere and is very easy to find. Lots of click to action buttons to call. Links to HomeAdvisor and mentions of 24 hour emergency service.


expresselectricalservices.com is all about lead generation. The top menu mentions 2,100+ 5 star reviews, same day service, live chat options, a phone number and an online book option. Everything a potential customer needs to feel safe. There are lots of pictures to break up content and landing pages accessible by search engines.


highlightschicago.com uses many SEO-optimized landing pages specifically for Chicago. An easy to find phone number, mentions of emergency and 24/7 and a contact form above the fold.


Check SEO Rates for Electricians

Why are they ranking on the first page?

To rank well in the electrical contractors industry, you have satisfy the searchers intent.

Here’s what that means. Let’s say a potential customer is searching for local electricians. To rank well, you have to answer all their questions. Without them asking. If they go back to Google, that means they weren’t happy.

What’s important to rank?

Let’s think of it from a new customer point of view.

  • They want a licensed electrician
  • They don’t know how much experience you have
  • They don’t know if you’re available
  • They want someone now
  • Do you follow local code standards?
  • How fast can you come?
  • Is there a minimum service fee?

Your website content should answers these questions:

  • Describe the licenses you hold
  • Mention if you’re insured
  • Mention how long you’ve been in the electrical industry
  • Mention years of experience
  • Provide a link to local code standards
  • Link to BBB
  • Link to where customers can confirm your license is in good standing
  • Talk about your fees
  • Offer a booking calendar
  • Offer multiple ways to reach you
  • Include pricing of common installations

How long does it take to rank on the first page?

While there is a formula to follow. Google prefers established local businesses over new businesses. The older your website is, the faster search engines will scan your content. The more new your website content is, the slower they find it.

New websites: Expect 1-3 weeks for your content to be found by search engines. You may expedite it by pushing your content using Google Search Console. However, it’s up to Google and Bing to include you in the search results page (SERPS).

It will take 3-12 months to rank on the first page for high search volume low competition keywords. You can expedite it, by writing 2-3 articles a week.

Established Websites (2+ year old): Expect 5-7 days for your content to show up in the Google search results. It will take you 1-3 months to rank on the first page. However, it will take 1-6 months to rank in the top 3 positions on Google’s first page.

Does SEO help electricians?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best form of internet marketing for electrical companies.

  • Works long term
  • It’s inflation proof
  • Much cheaper than Google ads
  • More direct bookings
  • More credibility
  • Lowers cost of Google ads (PPC) if you run them
  • Generates interest
  • Increase website traffic
  • Helps customers trust you
  • Answers customer questions

Keyword Research

This is a list of SEO words for electricians.

SEO Keywords for Electricians

Don’t want to pay $100-$300 a month for keyword research tools? Follow this SEO strategy. Write a blog post on each of these keywords.

local electrician in (location)


(location) electrical company


(location) electrician for small jobs


(location) residential electrician


Best Electrician SEO Companies

These are the best SEO agencies for electricians.


Internet123.com is a reputable SEO company for electricians. They have worked with 450+ local businesses including electrical companies. They have a 6 month minimum commitment. Their SEO packages are $500-$1,400+ a month for local SEO services.

R-A-N-K Higher LLC

R-A-N-K.com specializes in local SEO for electricians and small businesses. SEO services range from $500-$2,000 a month.

  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Focused exclusively on SEO

Learn More

Ad Leverage

adleverage.com offers print marketing, television, radio marketing, paid search, web design, social media, email marketing and SEO services.


webfx.com is considered one of the best SEO companies in Florida! They offer website design and SEO for electricians. SEO service range from $2,500 to $8,000 a month depending on number of SEO words and web pages.


leadsnearby.com is a full-service digital marketing agency. They offer website design and search engine optimization. They’ve worked with over 625 service based businesses.


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