SEO Content Writing Services
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We analyzed over 100 high-quality articles to find the best types of content that rank on search engines.

We also found the best content writing services that do it for you.

In this complete guide, you’ll find:

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing involves planning, outlining, keyword research and writing that satisfies both the target audience and search engines. There are many different types of content writing. The most common ones are blog posts, general website content, landing pages, social media content, press releases, product descriptions, case studies and more.

Before hiring any professional writers, you have to consider what you’re looking to accomplish. For example, if you hire a content writing agency to do your social media posts, you may end up with non-viral content. Even worse, content that doesn’t get any engagement.

Social media account managers specialize in short form click bait content. While a content writing agency specializes in long form educational or converting type content. That’s like asking a marathon runner to compete in sprinting and do just as good.


The first step in your content marketing strategy, should be to decide what type of content you will be creating. For example, let’s say you decided to write a “Listicle” SEO article with the intention of lead generation. Great! Now it’s time to outline your content needs.

Outlining your Web Content

Outlining encourages you to write high-quality content in an organized manner. For example, when changing your tire, you wouldn’t want to learn that you need a lug wrench on Step 5. Outlining prevents disorganized website content and helps your target audience skip sections they’re not interested in.

Keyword Research

Writing SEO-friendly quality content requires a deep analysis in keyword research. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing or repeating the same terms 7 times. The quality and relevance of your target keywords drastically affects your search engine rankings.

Content Creation

There is a happy medium between engaging content and SEO keywords. A high-quality piece of content stays on search engines for the long term. There are many SEO content writing services that generate rapid organic traffic, but quickly dropped off in 1-2 months. Search engines are smart. You can’t get away with high word count and keyword stuffing anymore.

SEO Article Revisions

Over time, even in-depth SEO articles require revisions. Search engines want up to date content. If you notice your search engine rankings are falling, it’s time for some proofreading. Web content is always changing and will always require tweaking.


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    SEO Content Writing vs SEO Copywriting

    SEO content writing is a form of content creation with search engine optimization in mind. SEO-optimized web pages bring in website visitors from search engine result pages.

    This SEO strategy raises brand awareness, encourages link building and brings people from Google to your website.

    SEO copywriting combines compelling content and search engine optimization. Its entire purpose is to write SEO friendly content that increases conversion rates.

    It’s used on product descriptions, lead generation pages and landing pages.


    Types of Content Writing Strategies

    Blog Writing

    Blog writing is the most common, powerful and long term form of digital marketing. Engaging content helps your brand awareness and generates organic traffic to your website.

    Website Content

    Web content is your brand voice. It creates trust and speaks directly to your target audience. It should communicate what your business does.

    Landing Pages

    Landing pages convert organic traffic to paying customers. This is the best content marketing for lead generation. The purpose is to get the customer to call, fill out a form or add to cart.

    Service Pages

    Services pages help educate your target audience on your niche. They must emphasis your expertise and the services you offer.

    Product Descriptions

    Product descriptions require compelling content and search engine optimization. They must attract organic traffic, but also convert.

    Case Studies

    In-depth case studies are great for link building and creating authority in your niche. They generate buzz and offer valuable information.

    List Blog Posts

    List posts are the most efficient form of content creation. They generate backlinks, help customers make educated decisions and convert.

    Step by Step Guides

    Step by step guides help beginner’s understand difficult topics in your niche. These create trust and SERPS absolutely love them!

    Press Releases

    Press releases are usually written by expert freelance writers. While they don’t directly help your SEO, they help your brand awareness.


    Keyword Research Tools
    for Content Writing


    SemRush is the best SEO keyword tool when it comes to content writing. It has over 22 billion keywords.

    Keyword Research





    Ahrefs has a database of 17 billion keywords and is very easy to use compared to SemRush.

    Keyword Research




    Google Keyword Tool

    Google Keyword Tool is very easy to use, but has very limited data on each keyword. It’s also free.

    Keyword Research




    Clearscope imports keywords right from the SERPS. It’s an excellent tool for keyword research and content writing.

    Keyword Research





    UberSuggest is basically Google Keyword Tool with more features and data. It’s also easy to use.

    Keyword Research





    Soovle focuses on suggested keyword ideas. It’s a great way to find untapped keywords to sprinkle into your content.

    Keyword Research




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    We’ll create high-quality content to attract new customers.

      9 Best SEO Content Writing Services

      There are many different types of content writing services. Software tools that help you write SEO-optimized content and content writing companies that write for you.

      However, you’ll also find artificial intelligence robot writers that generate content. The more shortcuts you take, the less likely you’ll rank past 1-2 months.

      1. Content Writing offers quality content with a fast turnaround time. They’re a content creation factory that specializes in blog posts and ad copies. So if you need copywriting, this is an excellent choice.

      They previously acquired ContentFly in case you’re familiar with them. Pricing is about $150-$200 for 1,500 word blog posts. Content services include blog posts, landing pages, ebooks, ad copies, product description and social media content.


      Marketers Media Press Releases

      Marketers Media is a content writing agency that specializes in press releases and distribution. For $1999, they will write the press release for you and distribute it.

      They can also just distribute a press that you wrote for $100-$200 depending on how many media outlets you’re looking for.


      Content Writing Services by R-A-N-K Higher LLC

      R-A-N-K specializes exclusively in SEO services and article writing services. We do not offer press releases, ad copies or social media posts.

      First, our expert writers do an in-depth keyword research analysis. After finding opportunities, we research what the target audience sees and expects to see on Google. Referred to as intent of the customer search query.

      Then, we create high-quality content that is SEO-friendly. We work with 10+ freelancers who each specialize in 2-3 niches. You don’t want someone who writes about plumbing businesses to write about a dentist office.


      E2M Solutions Digital Marketing Agency

      E2MSolutions is one of the best content writing companies, however it’s not meant for small or medium size businesses. If you’re looking for a few articles to publish on your SEO blog, this will not work for you.

      If you’re looking for 10-20 SEO articles a month, we would recommend you reach out to them. They can easily handle scale.


      Hire Writers

      HireWriters is a legacy content writing company with over 1,000 expert writers. They can create new articles, re-write articles, proofreading services, research topics for you and more. This platform is mainly used by SEO content marketing agencies.

      While they write great content, you’ll still need a search engine optimization agency to SEO-optimize their content. This isn’t a start up that will disappear. They mean business, no fluff, no cool design, just straight content.


      Crown Content

      Crowd Content offers blog posts, product descriptions, press releases and so much more. You can buy already written high quality content or work with a writer who will help you create content.

      Pricing is based on the quality of writer and number of words you’re looking for in an article. It ranges from $0.03-$0.14 a word. They also offer managed services for $5,000 per month.

      7. Writing Services is a marketplace that offers self service content writing. Pricing is around $225 per 1,500 words. The platform gives you access to the top 1% of content writers that they have hired.

      They write everything from blogs posts to website pages. They also offer managed content service that starts at $999 a month.

      8. offers content marketing services for every industry. Unfortunately, their writers don’t specialize in any particular industry, which lowers the expertise. However, they are an excellent choice for copywriting services.

      9. is known for SEO article writing in a reasonable amount of time. They’re excellent at proofreading and always check their writers for plagiarism. Pricing depends on the quality of content and total word count.

      Unfortunately, they don’t have an option to easily hire writers. You have to book a call with them and go through a sales process. For many who are just looking for a few articles, this may not be a good choice.


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        SEO Content Writing Services List

        These are the types of content writing services we offer.

        SEO Blog Writing Services

        $250 1000-1500 words
        • We'll create a blog post, list post, step by step guide, beginner guide or case study to increase traffic and generate backlinks. Without these, you cannot acquire new customers long term.

        Service & Landing Pages

        $250 500-1000 words
        • Landing pages are used for acquiring new customers from search engines and decreasing ad costs. Service pages are used to display what services your business offers.

        Where to hire high quality
        SEO content writers?

        The type of content you’re looking to create, determines who you should hire for SEO content writing services.

        Press Releases

        We highly recommend Marketers Media. They exclusively specialize in press releases. It would be a mistake to go with any other content writing agency. While they’re expensive, they do it right and have a very large distribution network.

        Lead Generation and Landing Pages

        When hiring an SEO content writing agency for lead generation or landing pages, SEO-friendly sales funnel experience is key. You want an agency that specializes in SEO services and content creation.

        Search engine optimization helps decrease ad costs to your landing pages. While compelling content converts your target audience and helps generate leads.

        We recommend and our R-A-N-K content marketing agency. Contact us to acquire new leads.

        Product Descriptions

        We recommend, and for product descriptions. These are all excellent SEO content writing services for general web content.

        SEO Articles (10-20/Month)

        We recommend E2MSolutions. They can produce high quality content at scale.

        SEO Articles (1-10/Month)

        We recommend our expert writers at R-A-N-K. We subscribe to 7 different keyword research platforms and 4 content writing services. While we pay $1,200 a month for these, it gives us a competitive advantage.

        Each of our SEO content writers specializes in 2-3 niches. This promotes expertise and increases turnaround time. Contact us to request SEO content writing services.