SEO Services

To rank you higher on Google, we’ll optimize your website content.
We’ll also analyze every aspect of what Google cares about most.


$500 per month
  • SEO Website Audit
  • Page Title Optimization
  • Seed Keyword Research
  • LSI Keywords Research
  • Search Intent Analysis
  • Page Intent Analysis
  • Page Speed Analysis
  • Robots.txt Analysis
  • Redirect Analysis
  • Blacklist Analysis


$2000 per month
  • "Standard" Package Included
  • "Best Value" Package Included
  • 2,000 Word SEO Article
  • Guest Post Outreach
  • Backlink Outreach
  • Competitor Traffic Analysis
  • Featured Snippet Optimization
  • Site Architecture Analysis
  • Broken Page Analysis
  • Non-Performing Page Analysis

What's the Difference?

New to SEO? Confused on what’s included in our SEO packages?
Let us break it down a little.



  •  Complete website audit to see what needs to be improved.
  •  Optimize page titles to increase clicks from Google.
  •  Research topics you should write articles on.
  •  Research keywords that should be included in your articles.
  •  Analyze content to see if you’re matching what your customers are looking for on Google.
  •  Analyze your website files, website scripts and server for any speed penalties by Google.
  •  Check if your website is blocking Google from finding your content
  •  Check if your website or server is blacklisted by search engines

Best Value


  •  Standard Package Included
  •  We’ll write (2) 1,000+ articles to bring you new customers, brand awareness & online authority.
  •  Optimize how every page title and description shows up on Google.
  •  Create short and keyword rich URL’s that Google likes.
  •  Create page introductions that keep people reading.
  •  Optimize sitemap for Google standards.
  •  Rename image files and ALT to help Google understand your images.
  •  Analyze who’s linking to you and who’s trying to harm you.
  •  Analyze who’s linking to your competitor to get backlinks.



  •  Standard Package Included
  •  Best Value Package Included
  •  We’ll write a 2,000 word article to bring you new customers, backlinks & brand awareness.
  •  Outreach to websites in your industry to co-create content.
  •  Outreach to relevant websites in your industry to link to you.
  •  Analyze where your competitors traffic is coming from.
  •  Analysis on website architecture
  •  Analysis on broken pages that get penalized by Google.
  •  Analysis on which pages need to be updated or removed.

Client Stories

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Local Fishing Guides

“Our web developer took lots of shortcuts. Google was penalizing us left and right. We were paying $13/click on Google ads because our content wasn’t “relevant”. It was a mess.

After a few days R-A-N-K helped us fix over 3,000 errors that were causing duplicate content. They helped us find a lot of backend issues. We generated enough organic traffic that we stopped running Google ads.”

Example Keywords:
petenwell fishing guides
watts bar lake fishing guides

Local Fishing Guides

Sarasota Experts

“We put out a lot of content, but nothing worked. So, we re-designed our website according to R-A-N-K strategies and recommendations. Then, they wrote 11 blog posts over a few months.

After 2 months, most pages were ranking on the 1st page. Not #1 unfortunately, but #3-7 positions for competitive keywords. They were upfront with how long everything would take and didn’t make false promises.”

Example Keywords:
coffee shops in Sarasota
best restaurants in downtown Sarasota

Sarasota Experts

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