Best Fishing Charter SEO Companies & 23 SEO Tips

Here’s how to rank your fishing charter business on the first page.

You’ll find simple and fast SEO tips.

No web developer or SEO company needed.

Learn which of your competitors are doing it right and how.

And which fishing charter SEO companies are the best.

Here’s how to acquire new clients using search engine optimization:

  1. SEO tips for fishing charters
  2. Which charters are ranking on the first page?
  3. Why are they ranking?
  4. What’s important to rank?
  5. How long does it take?
  6. Best SEO keywords (to focus on)
  7. Best fishing charter SEO companies

Fishing Charter SEO Tips

These are in-depth fishing guide SEO tips that are simple and fast.
Need an SEO expert? Consider our fishing charter SEO services.

1. Renew your domain name for 3-5 years.

Renew your domain name to show search engines that you are here to stay. Google filed a patent about businesses that register domains for years in advance.

“Valuable (legitimate) domains are often paid for several years in advance, while doorway illegitimate domains rarely are used for more than a year. Therefore, the data when a domain expires in the future can be used as a factor in predicting the legitimacy of a domain.”– Google Patent

2. Open a Google Business Listing

Create a Google My Business to control your online presence. This puts your hours, reviews and information on the search engine results page. You also get a backlink, which is great for link building. As a business owner, this is a must.

3. Open an account with these websites:

Google and Bing use citations for local search ranking. This is a big ranking factor for local SEO. Create an account with these webpages and submit to their directories to increase your search visibility.

  1. Bing Places
  2. YouTube
  3. Google Sites
  5. Yelp
  6. Facebook
  7. Twitter
  8. BBB
  9. Yellowpages
  10. MerchantCircle
  11. Linkedin
  12. Need more citations? Consider our fishing charter SEO Services.

4. Make sure your website, phone number and email are the same everywhere

Fishing charter business owners should make their info is the same all over the internet. Old or incorrect phone numbers create a bad user experience. This affects your search visibility in the Google search results.

5. Ask your customer to review you

This is an easy off-site marketing strategy to get new customers. Google reviews are basically a lead generation magnet. They’re filled with “long-tail keywords” that Google to match “searchers intent”.

In other words, when potential customers search “best fishing charter service” in Google Maps, you should up!

6. Reply to your reviews

One great SEO strategy is to reply to your Google, Yelp or Facebook reviews. It shows search engines that you care about your online presence. It also increases engagement. Which Google has been testing as a ranking factor. This is a huge form of internet marketing and any SEO company will confirm it.

7. Keep your page headings under 60 characters

When creating new website content, keep your page headings short. Titles should be under 60 characters including spaces. You want short SEO-optimized title tags with the right keywords. Title tags that are longer, will get cut off in the search engine results on mobile devices.

Good: Fishing Guide Services in Lake Michigan
Bad: Fishing Charter Services with Captain Bob Smith in Miami, Florida

8. Use keywords in your page URL’s and keep them short

SEO-optimized page URL’s should be short. They should also include the target keyword.


9. Rename images and optimize your ALT tags

When you upload images to your website, you can change ALT tags without a web designer. Most fishing charter companies use WordPress for their web design. If you go to “Media” inside your Admin, you can click on any image and rename the ALT tag.

Facebook images work the same way. Click on any Facebook image you uploaded, click Edit and use your target keywords that match the image. SEO-optimized image file names and ALT tags help Google understand your website content.

Do: “bass_fishing_trip_in_Wisconsin.jpg”
Don’t: “IMG19567.jpg”

10. Switch to better hosting

For most local businesses, cheap hosting ($3-$5 a month) is more than enough. However, when it comes to search engine optimization, you want fast VPS hosting. Upgrading is sometimes as simple as calling your hosting company. Ask for VPS hosting and a dedicated IP address.

Why? Because, shared hosting shares the same IP address with 100’s of other non fishing charter industry businesses. This means when they abuse or spam, your website gets flagged by search engines. VPS hosting is about $10-$25 a month and a dedicated IP is usually $3-$10 a month.

11. Generate a XML sitemap

Since most fishing charter companies use WordPress, we recommend Yoast SEO. This WordPress plugin automatically generates a sitemap for you. It’s easy to use and every fishing charter SEO company will agree.

12. Confirm you don’t have broken links on your website

Broken links affect how your website ranks. Imagine a potential customer clicks a link on your website. Then, gets redirected to a 404 error page. This creates a bad user experience. This is one of Google’s ranking factor metrics.

13. Find related keywords

Related keywords are the secret to quality content. Fishing charter SEO companies refer to them as semantic or LSI keywords. Use these related keywords inside your blog posts. Here’s one way to find them:

  1. Google your target keyword
  2. Scroll to the bottom
  3. Related words are bolded

Example: If the target keyword is “Miami fishing charter”, then you want to include best, deep sea, cheap, half day, party boats, pricing in your blog post for that keyword.

14. Write blog posts about what your customers are looking for

This takes a lot of work, but it’s simple. Search topics that your potential customers search for, but can’t find an answer to.

Example: “How to catch mangrove snapper in Sarasota Bay”

Create a high-quality article that uses local keywords. This helps your target audience and is great for lead generation. Some people will read it, while others will call you.

15. Make useful YouTube videos

Turn your existing content into YouTube videos. This gives your clients a choice to read or watch your content. This is great for link building and showing Google your authority in the fishing guide industry. Make it very specific to your local business. Don’t forget to share it on social media to generate organic traffic.

Example: “How to catch mangrove snapper in Sarasota Bay”

16. Choose 1-2 social media platforms to focus on

Don’t create content on 5 different social media platforms. This is a waste of time, unless you’re a large corporation. It’s great to have accounts on every platform for backlinks. However, when it comes to a good SEO strategy, you want engagement (likes and comments).

If you have 1,000 followers, but 1 comment, Google thinks you’re not interesting or your followers are fake. Google filed a patent for detecting fake accounts.

17. Use your own photos

Use your own photos. Google boosts unique quality content in the organic search results. If you’re using stock images or stolen images from a different website, they will penalize you and hide you from search results.

18. Don’t use popups

Many websites use popups to get email subscribers. This is annoying and a bad user experience. While it’s not directly a ranking factor, it contributes to a new customer leaving your webpage. Which is a metric that Google tracks.

19. Don’t buy cheap SEO services for fishing charters

Stay away from cheap SEO companies that buy links from Fiverr. Your website will rank fast for 1-3 months, then disappear from Google search results. Or end up on page 49. It’s like hiring a handyman to upgrade your circuit breaker instead of a licensed electrician.

20. Create a SEO-optimized blog post (simple steps)

  1. Choose a target keyword
  2. Keep heading (title tag) under 60 characters
  3. Use the keyword inside your heading
  4. Use a short page URL with your keyword inside
  5. Write 1000-2000 words on your topic
  6. Use target keyword 3-7 times inside your content
  7. Two of those keywords in the first and last section
  8. Include relevant words to your main keyword
  9. Use sub-headings (smaller headings) to break up content
  10. Use your photos to break up lengthy content
  11. Link to other pages on your website inside your blog post

21. Confirm you are not blacklisted or blocking search engines

Here’s how to check if your website or IP is blacklisted.

22. Confirm your are not blocking search engines

Here’s how to check if you’re blocking search engines from scanning your web pages.

23. Create a Google Search Console account

If you’re going to do your own internet marketing, you have to start a Google search console. It shows you what Google see when it scans your content.


Compare Fishing Charter SEO Companies

Best Fishing Charter SEO Examples

Here’s who ranks on the first page using the best fishing charter SEO strategies.

1 lists all the popular fishing locations in Wisconsin, uses related search terms, talks about the captain, display how to book a trip, shows social proof using Google reviews, embeds more social proof with Facebook, offers an easy way to schedule a fishing trip and is very mobile friendly. This website was definitely done by one of the best fishing guide SEO companies.

2 has the best user experience, mentions its service areas in different variations, has easy call to actions, uses a clean website design, is very mobile friendly and uses search terms with high search volume. Definitely done by a high-quality fishing guide digital marketing agency.

3 is mobile friendly, has a great SEO blog, uses social proof, describes Captains, targeted fish species, explains how to catch each fish species, describes location and service areas. Definitely made by a good content marketing company.

4 uses different variations of waters they fish, uses multiple search terms with high search volume, describes the guides and has links to customer reviews.

5 has done some keyword research! Great use of long-tail keywords, great job on high ranking keyword positions, descriptions of all captains and even a directory of local businesses. Great focus on local keywords.

6 lots of on-page search engine optimization, great on mobile devices, excellent job on local SEO here. Definitely done with fishing guide SEO strategy in mind. Focus on content writing.

7 describes everything that’s important to the customer on 1 page. Captain descriptions, trip pricing, types of fishing trips, gratuity, links for social proof, previous trips photo gallery and great on mobile devices.

8 offers a great user experience, clean website design, SEO-optimized fishing guide website, lots of inter-linking which is excellent for SEO. Perfect click-to-action’s for lead generation.

9 covers all the related search terms, has done extensive work on keyword research, very mobile friendly, SEO-optimized images, descriptions of fishing waters and captains. Most importantly, lots of landing pages for lead generation.


Hire an SEO Expert for Fishing Charters

Why are they ranking on the first page?

To rank well in the fishing guide industry, you have satisfy the searchers intent.

Here’s what that means. Let’s say a potential customer is searching for a fishing guide. To rank well, you have to answer all their questions. Without them asking. If they go back to Google, that means they weren’t happy.

What’s important to rank?

Let’s think of it from a new customer point of view.

  • They have never been on a fishing trip with you
  • They don’t know who you are
  • They don’t trust you yet
  • They don’t know your pricing
  • Who’s driving the boat
  • What boat will they be on
  • Is it safe?

Your website content should answer these questions:

  • Describe your boat in detail
  • Describe your Captains
  • Describe your safety gear
  • Describe the waters you fish
  • Include your Google or Facebook reviews
  • Include photos from past trips
  • Explain what’s included
  • Display your pricing
  • Favorite fishing techniques
  • Targeted fish species
  • Types of fishing trips

How long does it take to rank on the first page?

While there is a formula to follow. Google prefers established local businesses over new businesses. The older your website is, the faster search engines will scan your content. The more new your website content is, the slower they find it.

New websites: Expect 1-3 weeks for your content to be found by search engines. You may expedite it by pushing your content using Google Search Console. However, it’s up to Google and Bing to include you in the search results page (SERPS).

It will take 3-12 months to rank on the first page for high search volume low competition keywords. You can expedite it, by writing 2-3 articles a week.

Established Websites (2+ year old): Expect 5-7 days for your content to show up in the Google search results. It will take you 1-3 months to rank on the first page. However, it will take 1-6 months to rank in the top 3 positions on Google’s first page.

Does SEO help fishing guides?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best form of internet marketing for fishing guides.

  • Works long term
  • It’s inflation proof
  • Much cheaper than Google ads
  • More direct bookings
  • More credibility
  • More bookings on FishingBooker and other fishing booking websites
  • Lowers cost of Google ads (PPC) if you run them
  • Generates interest
  • Increase website traffic
  • Helps customers trust you
  • Answers customer questions

Does a .com domain get better SEO results than a .fishing domain?

Domain extensions such as .fishing don’t affect your SEO. They are not a ranking factor to show up in the search engine result pages (SERPS). However, your target audience may perceive .fishing as a spammy website.

If they don’t click your .fishing website, you’ll lose a lot of website traffic. Without website traffic, Google will down rank you. So indirectly, it works against you to have a .fishing domain name.


Keyword Research

These are the best local keywords to focus on.

Fishing Charter Keywords

Don’t want to pay $100-$300 a month for keyword research tools? Follow this SEO strategy. Write a blog post on each of these keywords.

(location) fishing charter


(state) fishing charter


(location) fishing report


how to catch (fish) in (location)


Best Fishing Charter SEO Companies

These are the best SEO agencies for fishing charters.

SEOLEVELUP is a reputable SEO company for fishing guides. They have worked with many local businesses including fishing charters. They have a 6 month minimum commitment. Their SEO packages range from $1,500-$3,000 a month for local SEO services.

R-A-N-K Higher LLC specializes in local SEO for fishing charters and small businesses. SEO services range from $500-$2,000 a month.

  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Focused exclusively on SEO

Learn More

Ragas Media offers web design, site maintenance, logo design, creative marketing, pay-per-click, brochures, email marketing and more. Website design packages range from $3,000-$8,000.

Optuno offers website design and SEO. Their SEO campaigns range from $1,000 to $6,500 a month. This includes keyword research, competitive gap analysis, link building, high-quality blog content writing and more.

OWD is focused on outdoor related businesses. Their target audience include fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing lures, marinas and more. They’ve built many websites in the fishing charter industry.


Client Stories

Anyone can post reviews on their own website.
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Local Fishing Guides

“Our web developer took lots of shortcuts. Google was penalizing us left and right. We were paying $13/click on Google ads because our content wasn’t “relevant”. It was a mess.

After a few days R-A-N-K helped us fix over 3,000 errors that were causing duplicate content. They helped us find a lot of backend issues. We generated enough organic traffic that we stopped running Google ads.”

Example Keywords:
petenwell fishing guides
watts bar lake fishing guides

Local Fishing Guides

Sarasota Experts

“We put out a lot of content, but nothing worked. So, we re-designed our website according to R-A-N-K strategies and recommendations. Then, they wrote 11 blog posts over a few months.

After 2 months, most pages were ranking on the 1st page. Not #1 unfortunately, but #3-7 positions for competitive keywords. They were upfront with how long everything would take and didn’t make false promises.”

Example Keywords:
coffee shops in Sarasota
best restaurants in downtown Sarasota

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